San Antonio TX Newborn Photographer | Little Miss Sofia

Getting to snuggle a sweet little newborn is THE best thing EVER! And I don’t think ANYthing makes me more baby-hungry!! {And I JUST had a baby! ha!} When Sofia’s mother contacted me about a session and said her little one was already 12 days old, we both knew a shoot needed to happen ASAP. Babies just change SO fast! So we booked her for the NEXT morning, and luckily everything worked out! Sweet little Sofia, only 12 days old, was a DREAM to photograph. She was putty in my hands, and let me pose her just how I wanted! Plus, she slept away while her mom and I chit-chatted through the entire session. Such a little angel! And I have to say, this little girl has the best sleeper-mouth ever. Her beautiful little lips are just to-die-for. Congratulations on another little miracle baby, Claire! And thank you for the opportunity to photograph your little one.



San Antonio TX Newborn Photographer Christine Naomi Photography 1

San Antonio TX Newborn Photographer Christine Naomi Photography 2

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